Nov 11, 2008

Fix your ultraedit right key menu

Just import this to your registry
Be sure to chage your ultraedit path below

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="C:\\Program Files\\UltraEdit-32\\ue32ctmn.dll"

Jul 9, 2008

Keyboard Remapping in PC and Mac

PC: AutoHotKey
MAC: KeyRemap4MacBook

Jul 8, 2008

Mouse gestures on PC and MAC

PC: StrokeIt
MAC: FlyGesture

These two programs are universal. ie. It can operate on ANY applications. It's works by sending Hotkey to the windows.

Jul 7, 2008

Great website

contains a lot of information about Windows programming reference

contains a lot of information about Microsoft Corporation info

Jul 6, 2008

Leopard Time Machine Fix

1.You need to connect to network in order to get your time machine work, or it'll give you "The backup volume could not be found" error message

Jul 3, 2008

My firefox extensions

With FF3 release, there are many useful extensions which are out-of-date.
I need to find some FF3-compatible substitute

1.Super drag and go -> QuickDrag
2.All-in-one mouse gesture -> fire gestures be continue...

Jun 2, 2008

Force load mismatched pdb

Each pdb has checksum and timestamp which match the corresponding executable(exe or sys), and the timestamp and checksum changes everytime!!

Make it sure that you ship your executable to QA with the PDB file.

If you are not, try force load the symbol(if you are sure that the source is the same)
.reload /f /i xxx.sys

May 15, 2008

ruby-serial port on windows

mark this
#require "../"

add this
Kernel::require "serialport"

May 5, 2008

IRQL levels

#define PASSIVE_LEVEL 0x0
#define APC_LEVEL 0x1
#define DISPATCH_LEVEL 0x2
#define IPI_LEVEL 0xe
#define POWER_LEVEL 0xf
#define PROFILE_LEVEL 0xf
#define HIGH_LEVEL 0xf
#ifdef NT_UP
#define SYNCH_LEVEL 0x2
#define SYNCH_LEVEL 0xc

May 2, 2008

Kalway 10.5.2 at Lenovo X61

Kalway 10.5.2
Sleep Kernel
No Ethernet Card-->Buy a USB Lan card for Wii(PCI 200TX, NT600), needs driver from official website to work
Install both Intel GMA950 & GMAX3100
Wifi Card-> only IO 80XXX Family and Atheros module--> still not working
No Sound Card--> buy a sound card which is compatible with MAC (NT399)
Software-> Minimal
No CPU = 1 fix
No other particular fix except default

No need of below:
1.Boot with "Graphic Mode"="640x480x32"
2.Install LeopardGraphicsUpdate1.0

Apr 20, 2008

Useful Status Code


Apr 16, 2008

Skype send break points constantly

Google this:

Debugging a Device Driver While Skype is Running - David Craig
04-Feb-08 12:15:29

Maybe Skype will provide you with a version that does not have anti-debugger
code in it. This is very typical of DRM protected code. They are all a
real pain in the @#$, even to someone working in the company who does not
have access to a non-DRM version.

Debugging a Device Driver While Skype is Running - Ivan Brugiolo [MSFT]
04-Feb-08 01:22:48

Can you try `kdbgctrl.exe -du` on the target machine ?

Apr 9, 2008

AD 2008

Mar 27, 2008

DbgPrint Unicode string

DbgPrint("deviceObjName: %wZ\n", deviceObjName);

Mar 26, 2008

swig & opencv & ruby

1.swig commands to link ruby & c++
swig -c++ -ruby Wrapper.i
ruby mkmf.rb Wrapper
ruby hello.rb

2.modify the makefile
2.1add the following lines below definition of CFLAGS & DLDFLAGS
CFLAGS += `pkg-config opencv --cflags`
DLDFLAGS += `pkg-config opencv --libs`

2.2 remove -arch ppc at following lines
DLDFLAGS = -L. -arch ppc -arch i386
LDSHARED = cc -arch ppc -arch i386 -pipe -bundle

3.If you don't want to mess your makefile

require 'mkmf'
$libs = append_library($libs, "stdc++")
$CFLAGS << " `pkg-config opencv --cflags`"
$LDFLAGS << " `pkg-config opencv --libs`"

% env ARCHFLAGS='-arch ppc' ruby extconf.rb
% make
% make install


1.Rails cheat sheet
4.Mega Zoomer

Visual Studio 2008

1.Top 13 Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts
just google it

2.Sara Ford's everyday tip

3.Debugging tip (conditional break!!)

In Mac:
cursor color problem
Get it from Internet
1. Go to Control Panel, Personalization.
2. Choose Mouse Pointers.
3. Select the Pointers tab.
4. Change the scheme to something that causes the mouse cursor to be seen. I chose "Windows Inverted (system scheme)" and now I can see the text selection (thin bar) cusor in VS2005 with a black background. Some of the other schemes work as well.

Mar 25, 2008

OpenCV on Mac

New Setting:
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/local/var/macports/software/opencv/1.0.0_0/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig: ${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}


g++ `pkg-config --cflags opencv` `pkg-config --libs opencv` -o water watershed.cpp

g++ -c Wrapper.cxx `pkg-config opencv --cflags`
g++ -o hello Wrapper.o `pkg-config opencv --libs`

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig

#by lono kao, 970325
CXX = g++
CFLAGS += `pkg-config opencv --cflags`
LDFLAGS += `pkg-config opencv --libs`
TARGET = deleteme
SRC = LTool/LImage.cpp deleteme.cpp
#SRC = a.c b.c
#OBJ = $(SRC:.c=.o)
all : $(TARGET)

$(TARGET) : $(TARGET).cpp

.cpp.o : $*.cpp
$(CXX) $*.cpp $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $*

clean :
rm -f $(OBJS) $(TARGET)

Software Tools

WinSplit--Useful if you have 24 or 22 inchs monitor
Console2--Great transparent, tabbed console
Tera Term--Better than hyper terminal
HHD Serial Monitor
HHD USB Monitor
Rocket Dock
TreeSize --Disk Clean up tool
PowerMenu --make application minimize to tray or always on top
Clipx --greate clipboard history
teracopy -- great copy tool, much better than windows copy

vanilla input
pci usb mac driver
CheetahWatch -- Huawei 3.5G data card monitor
Nally --telnet program

Mar 22, 2008

My Textmate Plugins

3.Mega Zoomer

3.Grep bundle

1.ruby comepletion?(included)
2.intelligent Jump
3.lack of intellisense for c++

Mar 20, 2008

Visual studio 2008 cannot find correct function definition

Visual studio 2008 cannot find correct function definition, and it jsut keeps finding function declartion instead!!!

Solution: set up correct "include" directory in "Project or Solutions".

Replace windows driver

Here is a simple way.

1.Just copy new driver to Windows\System32\Drivers, and replace the old one.
2.Remove the device
3.Close all applications which are still using the device(Important!!!!)
4.Plug the device again

Mar 16, 2008

DbgPrint in Vista

See this

or just import .reg file below

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Debug Print Filter]

Mar 13, 2008

Reset password in Windows XP and 2K

1.delete %SystemRoot%/system32/config/sam
2.delete %SystemRoot%/system32/config/sam.log
3.using Administrator (no password) to logging

ERD Commander

Mar 11, 2008

微軟正黑體 need activate clear type
2.copy 微軟正黑體 Bold from your font directory in Vista
3.Don't copy 微軟正黑體, but "微軟正黑體 Bold" since it looks better
4.If you copy 微軟正黑體 too, Windows will think "微軟正黑體 Bold" is same as 微軟正黑體, and you cannot use "微軟正黑體 Bold" anymore

Disable .NTAMD64 requirement of inf file

1.Establish the key

set it to 1

Console 2 Unicode
繁體中文 日本語 支援

1. Delete key "Console2 command window" in registry
2. Import the following data into windows registry:

For Chinese(中文) Windows XP & Vista:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\Console2 command window]

For Japanese(日本語) Windows XP & Vista:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\Console2 command window]
"FaceName"="MS 明朝"

If you don't know what I am talking about, get console2 here .

Mar 10, 2008

How to self sign 64 bit driver on Vista 64 for driver testing

1.install Microsoft Winqual Submission Tool
2.Find Inf2Cat.exe in Microsoft Winqual Submission Tool
Inf2Cat.exe /driver:"U:\MyDriver" /os:Vista_X64

4.Find makecert.exe in WDK
Makecert -r -pe -ss PrivateCertStore -n "CN=TestCertforWDK" TestCert.cer

5.Use Signtool.exe in WDK to sign the cat file
Signtool sign /v /s PrivateCertStore /n TestCertForWDK /t "U:\MyDriver\"

6.Use Signtool.exe in WDK to sign the driver
Signtool sign /v /s PrivateCertStore /n TestCertForWDK /t "U:\MyDriver\MyDriver.sys"

7.Verify the sign for driver
Signtool verify /pa /v MyDriver.sys

8.Verify the sign for cat file
Signtool verify /pa /v /c MyDriver.inf

9.On test computer, import the certificate:
certmgr.exe /add TestCert.cer /s /r localMachine root
certmgr.exe /add TestCert.cer /s /r localMachine trustedpublisher

reference: Kernel-Mode Code Signing Walkthrough

Mar 9, 2008

How to set up keyboard mapping for OSX86 and Windows XP

1.In System Preference of Mac OS X, exchange Command and Control key

2.If you are using VMware Fusion like me
Open ~/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/config

Add following line:
mks.keyboard.swapAlt = TRUE

3.In you Win XP
Get KeyAssigner.exe from

Add mapping from CTRL to ALT and ALT to CTRL

It is done. Now you can use CTRL+V for paste and CTRL+C for copy on both Mac and XP.


Mar 6, 2008

Presentation Skills

1.The architecture should involve the parts which user are familiar with and other parts which you would like to introduce.
for example, if you want to introduce webcam driver, you should include the total flow diagram from Skype to usb web camera. Introduce each component involved.

For each operation involved, it should include what user does to skype, and what the effect is on webcam driver.

2.The relationship between each slide should be clear. From the brief flow intro to the detail of each function, there should be a clear relationship presented to the audience.

3.Slides design is same as the design of GUI. From Joel( Joel On software) famous book, the audience don't read any text on slides. They just see the picture ( even the lecturer too). It's important to illustrate every idea and even details by drawing.

Mar 4, 2008

How to change color or transparency settings of Visor?

1. Restart Leopard (important!!)
2. Don't do anything but open VTerminal
3. Open Visor
4. Right click on Visor, choose "Window Settings"
5. Do anything you want
6. Don't choose save as default setting, or your VTerminal will be very wide(as your Visor)

Feb 26, 2008

My ToroiseSVN settings

The ignored file types in config.txt

global-ignores = global-ignores = *.o *.obj *.sbr *.ilk *.pch *.lo *.la #*# .*.rej *.rej .*~ *~ .# *.DS_Store Debug Release *.exp *.res *.pdb *.idb

Feb 22, 2008

Registry Settings for Windows Service


The type of "Start" is "REG_DWORD"

The value as follows(copied from MSDN):
Indicates a driver started by the operating system loader.

This value must be used for drivers of devices required for loading the operating system.
Indicates a driver started during operating system initialization.

This value should be used by PnP drivers that do device detection during initialization but are not required to load the system.

For example, a PnP driver that also can detect a legacy device should specify this value in its INF so that its DriverEntry routine will be called to find the legacy device, even if that device cannot be enumerated by the PnP manager.
Indicates a driver started by the service control manager during system startup.

This value should never be used in the INF files for WDM or PnP device drivers.
Indicates a driver started on demand, either by the PnP manager when the corresponding device is enumerated or possibly by the service control manager in response to an explicit user demand for a non-PnP device.

This value should be used in the INF files for all WDM drivers of devices that are not required to load the system and for all PnP device drivers that are neither required to load the system nor engaged in device detection.
Indicates a driver that cannot be started.

This value can be used to temporarily disable the driver services for a device, but a device/driver cannot be installed if this value is specified in the service-install section of its INF file.

Feb 20, 2008

My Vista Desktop Setting

TODO: pics here
1.Rocket Dock
2.?? on Devianart
4.Optional icons of Rocket Dock
5.Wallpapers from \System\Desktop Pictures

Feb 17, 2008

How to start USB Device Framework(CV) manually?

Find usbhct.exe in your WDK(Windows Driver Kit)
Type: usbhct.exe -g -d 0E8D/0004 -l "log"
0E8D/0004 is your Vendor ID / Product ID
"log" is the name of your log file. Beware of that it's required to supply a log file name.

Feb 13, 2008

TODO: Teddy usb


Feb 6, 2008

Windows XP Leopard Glass Edition

Windows XP Leopard Glass Edition is a very strange OS. Does anyone know it is Leopard or XP?


Feb 5, 2008

Memory leak in usbser.sys

Affected OS: Windows XP, SP1, SP2 and Vista
usbser.sys fails to release 4 bytes memory when PnPDTest -> Rebalance is performed. Microsoft already knows this and does not want to fix this. If you experience this problem, contact MS CSS support, and they won't charge you.

There are many undocumented errata which cannot be filtered by the errata filter. All errata that are involved BSOD will not be documented!!! Beware, I have warned you. Don't trust errata filter and MS CSS always needs YOUR SUPPORTS.

P.S. I have special processed my blog so those hackers cannot see my blog.

Feb 3, 2008

How to turn on ( turn off) automatic logon in Windows XP

The DTM Test is quite annoying that after you uninstalled the test, the XP still login as DTMLLUAdminUser automatically!!
Here I show you how to turn off the annoying DTMLLUAdminUser logon!!!


2.change "AutoAdminLogon" from 1 to 0

How to cancel DTM test mode in Vista
3.Start--->All Programs--->Accessories--->Right Hit "Command Prompt"--->Run as administrator Enter "Bcdedit -set testsigning OFF"

How to have a Chinese tiny xp ( multi language version)

Tiny XP is a very small XP. It requires only 80MB RAM to run(somebody claims that it needs merely 55MB) and costs you 600MB disk space. It's useful if you need a small windows XP system. Somebody install it on USB thumb device to get a recovery disk. Others install it on small device like eeepc or virtual machine( VMWARE or parallel desktop).

Since my Mac needs a windows system to get full-functional MSN, I have to get a XP for my Mac. Tiny XP is a suitable choice. However, to get it work on other languages like Mandarin Chinese is a pain!!!

How to make Chinese Input work on Tiny XP?

The answer is here:
( these steps are also valid if you need to install other language supports to Tiny XP)

1.Get a Tiny XP first: try google. I got Tiny XP Rev 06, if you got newer version, please let me know :)

2.Get a English Windows XP SP2 installation disk: Get it from local stores. There is a legal way to do this, so I wont tell you to download it from Internet. You need this to get a Chinese Input.

3.Get a working Chinese Windows XP system.

4.Copy intl.inf from %systemroot%\inf\ of your Chinese Windows XP system to the same directory of Tiny XP. Don't forget backup!

5.Insert your English Windows XP disk.

6.Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings -> Eastern Language Support.

7.During the installation of Eastern Language, you will be asked about some missing files. Get the files from D:\I386, D:\I386\Lang, and D:\I386\ 'D' is the drive letter of your English XP disk.

8.Copy fonts from %systemroot%\fonts to the same directory of Tiny XP.


10.Now you can install your Chinese Input programs.

There are other choices like ltm or deepin, but they are simplified Chinese OS and they are not as tiny as tiny XP. Therefore, I think Tiny XP is still the best choice for small system.

Jan 31, 2008

Interesting blogs

1.The Old New Thing, it's a book too!
I should establish my TO-READ book list ...

Book list(illuminative):
1. Code Complete
2. Pragmatic Programmer
3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
4. The Innovator's Dilemma
5. Concrete Mathematics

Book list(Fun):
1. The Old New Thing

Book list(Technical):
1. Programming Ruby
2. Agile Web Developement
3. 深入淺出設計模式
4. Test-driven development by example
5. Haskell

My TODO book list:
Presentation Zen

My TODO book list(Physics):
Oh, my! I think I was a physicist.

Jan 30, 2008

Windows Driver Testing Methods

1.PREfast for Drivers ( included in WDK):
Help you find out memory leak problem, wrong pool tags and other problems by analysis of your source codes.

2.Verifier (included in Windows OS):
Check initialization errors, IRP stack errors, and memory leak. Check your driver at run time.

3.Static Driver Verifier:
Check the execution path of your driver, erroneous branch conditions, and other errors like calling IoCompleteRequest twice. Works for C code only.

4.WinDBG (Windows Debug Tool):
A kernel debugger provided by Microsoft.

Windows Crash Dump file is located at....


Open .dmp file with WinDbg.exe (File -> Open Crash Dump ...)

Jan 29, 2008

DTM Setting

When I try to connect DTM server from DTM studio running on WinXP, I got the following error message:
error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server

In client machine ( which DTM studio is installed)
Type: c:\windows\system32\cliconfg.exe

Open NamedPipe and TCP/IP from the options.

If this doesn't work, check if NamePipe and TCP/IP is open on the DTM server settings

Jan 26, 2008

Realtek ALC262 (Intel 82801G) on Leopard

I have successfully installed the sound card driver on my Leopard.
The sound card of my Fujitsu S7111 is Realtek ALC 262(TODO: Intel 8?)

Here is how:
1. Install Package on your Kalway Leopard DVD:
The package is located at "System/Installation/Packages/Azilia_out.pkg"

2. Open the terminal and type:
cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo nano AppleAzaliaAudio.kext/Contents/Info.plist

Search "IOHDAudioCodecVendorID"

and you should find something like:

change it to 0x10ec0262

3.Save and exit

4.Modify AppleAzaliaController.kext
Open terminal and type:
sudo nano AppleAzaliaAudio.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAzaliaController.kext/Contents/Info.plist

Search for "IOPCIPrimaryMatch"
You shuold find:
Change 0x27d8FFFF to 0x27d88086

Save and exit

5. Type:
sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

diskutil repairpermissions /


6.When rebooting, press F8 and type "-x -v"

It should work now.

Marvell Yukon 88E8055 on Leopard

The network card of my Fujitsu laptop is Marvell Yukon 88E8055. By default, it's not supported by Leopard. However, I still got it worked( All thanks to InsanelyMac Forum)

The steps:
1. Type "sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext

2. Find:
Replace with:
"4363" is Device ID and "11AB" is Vendor ID. You can see the number by Everest.

3. Type "sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions.mkext"

4. Type "diskutil repairPermissions /"

5. Type "reboot", Press F8 on startup, Type "-x -v" to enter safe mode

It should work now.

Jan 25, 2008

ToH Setup

problems: card driver
2.Turn of sleep mode, it just won't wake up
System Preference-> Energy Savor-> Select "Never"

ToH Leopard

I have tried ToH RC2 Leopard today.

To install ToH's Leopard, you may encounter much more troubles than Kalway's.

The Steps:
1.Mark the partition where you want to install ToH active
Kalway does this for you, but ToH does not.

2.Boot from ToH DVD and Install
There are no partiular options here. Just install it.

3.After reboot, you shall see a flashing cursor(blinking cursor) at boot if you are unlucky like me

Here is the solution 1 for step 3:

1. Boot from ToH DVD

2. In the installation program, click "Utilities" in the Menu Bar, then select Terminal

3. Type "/usr/misc/ Mac"
Replace "Mac" with the name of the partition where you install Leopard

4. Type "reboot", and see if works

However, it did not work for me.

Here comes the solution 2 for step 3, and it did work for me!!!

1. Boot from ToH DVD

2. In the installation program, click "Utilities" in the Menu Bar, then select Terminal

3. Type"diskutil unmount /Volumes/Mac"
Replace "Mac" with the name of the partition where you install Leopard

4. Type "dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s1 bs=512 count=1"
Replace "rdisk0s1" with the disk number and the partition number of your Leopard Installation. Disk number starts from 0 and partition number starts from 1. For example, "rdisk0s1" represents the first partition of the first disk. "rdisk1s3" represents the third partition of the second disk.

5.Type "
/usr/misc/startupfiletool /dev/rdisk0s1 /usr/standalone/i386/boot".
Replace "rdisk0s1" with correct number.

6.Type "
/usr/misc/bless24 -device /dev/disk0s1 -setBoot -verbose"
Replace "disk0s1" with correct number. Beware it's "disk0s1", not "rdisk0s1"

7. Type "
diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1"
Replace "disk0s1" with correct number.

Type "/usr/misc/bless24 -mount "/Volumes/Mac" -setBoot -verbose
Replace "Mac" with the name of the partition where you install Leopard

9.Type "reboot"
You shall succeed now or try Google "flashing cursor toh boot" or
"blinking cursor toh boot"

Jan 24, 2008

Leopard and Vista dual boot guide

It's possible to install XP, Vista, Leopard, Tiger, ubuntu, and other OS which supports X86 in ANY ORDER on your PC. Actually, the order is not important at all.

However, I only give Leopard and Vista dual boot guide here:

1.Leopard fix boot
2.Vista fix boot( repair disk)
3.Leopard Timeout
4.Vista: chain0, tboot, easybcd
5.Acronis True image, Ghost 12, USB HDD

Vista Recovery Disc
Since Fujitsu does not provide a Vista installation program but just a disk image, you cannot repair your Vista Installtion by inserting the Fujistu recovery disc. Neosmart provides such a tool to do this work for you:
Burn the Neosmart Vista Recovery Disc and then boot from it. Select Repair then reboot.

Leopard(Mac OS X) fix boot (also known as HFS+ Parition error)
1. Insert your Leopard Installation DVD and boot from DVD-ROM.
2. Press "F8" on startup.
3. Type -s to enter single mode.
4. In prompt mode, type "fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0", rdisk0 means the first HDD in your computer.
5. Type "flag 1" if your Leopard is in first partition. It will mark parition 1 as active.
6. Type "update" to fix your Leopard boot
7. Type "write"
8. Type "quit"
9. Type "reboot"

Jan 23, 2008

WinDbg Settings

This is my WinDbg notes. WinDbg is a debugger which is used for Windows kernel mode program debugging.

Remote Debugging Settings On Guest OS:

1.Boot XP in debug mode:
Add this to c:\boot.ini

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional-DEBUG" /fastdetect /debug /debugport=COM1 /baudrate=115200

It would make your XP boot in Debug mode.
I am not sure if "/debug" is necessary or not.

2.Always boot in "Last Known Good Configuration":
Add this:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional-Good" /lastknowngood

WinDbg Startup Settings: windbg -k com:port=com1,baud=115200

Symbol path settings: SRV*c:\Symbols*

Useful Commands:
Set a breakpoint on the entry of FunctionName
bp DriverName ! FunctionName
list all breakpoints
disable the #3 breakpoint
bd 3

3.Boot Vista in debug mode:
In Vista, Microsoft introduce a very hard-to-use boot loader setting tool called "bcdedit". You can use "easybcd" instead, but here I will show how to do it without third party tool.

3.1 Change serial port setting:
bcdedit /dbgsettings serial baudrate:115200 debugport:1

3.2 Create new debug entry:
bcdedit /copy {current} /d DebugEntry

3.3 List all entry:
bcdedit /enum osloader

3.4 Set debug option on:bcdedit /debug {ID} on

ID is the DebugEntry ID found at step 3.

3.5 Set DebugEntry as default choice:bcdedit /default {ID}

3.6 Turn LastKnownGood option onbcdedit /set {ID} lastknowngood on

3.7 Set Timeout value to 5 secondsbcdedit /timeout 5

3.8 No signing checks ( driver without sign can be installed)bcdedit –set nointegritychecks ON

3.9 Set driver test mode ( accept test sign)bcdedit /set testsigning Yes

Leopard is running

After my success with Tiger(TODO: in 4GB thumb drive), my Fujistu laptop is now running Leopard. I will give detailed instructions here. TODO: put pics here.
The steps:
1.Get a hacked Leopard Image: Since Apple supports Mac only, we need a hacked Leopard DVD to get Leopard runnig on cheap X86 PC. Use your favorite torrent finder to get the seeds or just Google "Kalway Leopard".

2.Burn the Leopard DVD: After you get the image file, burn it on DVD.

3.Parition hard disk: You can use partition magic or Hiren's Boot CD to partion your disk. I give 30G for Vista and another 30G for Leopard. The first partition is NTFS, and the next is HFS( MAC Extended Journel)

4.Boot from DVD and just install it! There are many options in Kalay Leopard, but I only enabled BOOT_MBR option in installation setup. Please don't enable BOOT_GUID option(sadly, it's the default option of Kalway) or your Leopard won't boot.

5.Fix the drivers issue: After installation, your Leopard should run on normally. If not, try OSX86 forum to get community support. However, Apple does not support generic X86 PC. After installation, my audio, ethernet and wireless cards do not function at all. Currently, I can only fix my ethernet card. My ethernet card is Marvell Yukon 88E8055, the fix is(TODO).

6.Fix the terrible-looking icons(sorry Kalway): Kalway did change some icons of Leopard. If you don't like them, you can use Candy3 to restore the icons to Leopard default. The
orange background of Finder does not fit my taste, too. To change the background of Finder, just right-click on the orange area and click View..., you will see the option.

7.Turn off trackpad when mouse is used: This is for laptop. If I know how to do this, I will tell ya.

My computer always goes wrong

The morden technology is so unreliable that I have spent near all of my life(excluding eating & zzZ) on fixing my computer. In MS-DOS age, I had to try to get 602KB main memory in order to get my PC games running. And it's not the most difficult part. Some PC games even need 630KB main memory to get my SoundBlaster working or I had to play my games with no music and sound effect. That's so terrible. The old x86 PCs had merely 640KB main memory!!! Where should I put my OS?

However, all of the tips&tricks about how to get 630KB free main memory are lost. These are only achievement during my childhood. I regret, I repent, and I need a place to record my life--a life which is full of computers' fixme. This is a place for me, and it's the place with life-long journey to fix my computer.

I got my blog open!!

It is so exciting. I got my first blog open!!! WOOOOW!!
If you see this post, it means I am success on my first post.

I am success.
I am success.
I am success.