Jan 23, 2008

Leopard is running

After my success with Tiger(TODO: in 4GB thumb drive), my Fujistu laptop is now running Leopard. I will give detailed instructions here. TODO: put pics here.
The steps:
1.Get a hacked Leopard Image: Since Apple supports Mac only, we need a hacked Leopard DVD to get Leopard runnig on cheap X86 PC. Use your favorite torrent finder to get the seeds or just Google "Kalway Leopard".

2.Burn the Leopard DVD: After you get the image file, burn it on DVD.

3.Parition hard disk: You can use partition magic or Hiren's Boot CD to partion your disk. I give 30G for Vista and another 30G for Leopard. The first partition is NTFS, and the next is HFS( MAC Extended Journel)

4.Boot from DVD and just install it! There are many options in Kalay Leopard, but I only enabled BOOT_MBR option in installation setup. Please don't enable BOOT_GUID option(sadly, it's the default option of Kalway) or your Leopard won't boot.

5.Fix the drivers issue: After installation, your Leopard should run on normally. If not, try OSX86 forum to get community support. However, Apple does not support generic X86 PC. After installation, my audio, ethernet and wireless cards do not function at all. Currently, I can only fix my ethernet card. My ethernet card is Marvell Yukon 88E8055, the fix is(TODO).

6.Fix the terrible-looking icons(sorry Kalway): Kalway did change some icons of Leopard. If you don't like them, you can use Candy3 to restore the icons to Leopard default. The
orange background of Finder does not fit my taste, too. To change the background of Finder, just right-click on the orange area and click View..., you will see the option.

7.Turn off trackpad when mouse is used: This is for laptop. If I know how to do this, I will tell ya.