Sep 16, 2009

Application matters!

In "The Innovator's Dilemma", the arthur thinks when a company encounters a disruptive technology,


在Pattern Recognition的研究領域裡,研究人員一直在想辦法提升辨識的準確率,使得PR可以有效的被應用在人們的日常生活中。但是「創新的兩難」替我們指引出了另一個新的方向。 也許最重要的不是提升準確率,而是找到一個新的應用,而這個應用就算是準確率不高也沒有關係,因為有自動化的辨識,所以提供了和現有的技術不同的性質。


Sep 15, 2009

How to minimize the number of logging data

In the last week, I proposed an idea to my boss about minimizing logging data.

The idea is simple. Assume that we have a deterministic system. We want to debug the system, so we need some logging data to analyze the problem. Since the system is deterministic, if we give it the same input, it will respond the same output. So we only need to log the data coming into the system. If we made the system deterministic, we could avoid logging in the internal of the system. It can save a lot of logging bandwidth.

However, my boss thought it is impossible. He said, "It's impossible to log all incoming data of the system, because we cannot log all incoming electromagnetic waves. We can only log the data like the XOR of the electromagnetic waves." I tried to explain to him that we only care about digital systems, therefore we can focus on 0's and 1's, but he still very persisted that electromagnetic waves are impossible to log. It's near the lunch time, so I quickly ended this unpleasant conversation and went for my lunch.

After few days, I started to wonder "what is the XOR of electromagnetic waves?". XOR is a Boolean operation, how to apply it to continuous signals? Another thing I wondered is "what is the maximum input of a 3.5G mobile phone system ?" I thought the answer should be below 15Mb/s, because the maximum data rate of HSDPA is 7.2Mb/s. The HSDPA protocol overhead should not exceed the amount of data. If our system were deterministic, the minimum number of logging data rate should be below 15Mb/s. As a result, the data rate is ok to transfer by merely an USB cable, am I correct?

Sep 7, 2009

How to get WHQL certificate for your driver

If you need to get WHQL from Microsoft for your driver, you need to pass Windows Logo Test. First you need a PC with Windows Server 2003 installed.
Then follow the steps in DTMHowTo.

When you pass the logo test ( sometimes you need to the support from Microsoft ), see Winqual Faq to know how to submit your result to Microsoft.

Sep 3, 2009

Summary of MediaTek Inc.

What my boss said today
1. Our product is good, because we are successful on the market, and our performance compared to competitors are good

2. We don't do unit test and code review unless we feel painful because of them

3. Unit test scale(on a module or multiple module or a function?)

4. Tools can have its innovation, not just support

The people in MediaTek thinks they can work here because they are superior than others. They think their job is the best in the world. One day, a colleague said to me that "If you leave this company, you will never get a better job. At that time, you have to beg to return."

I hardly agree with what he said. Indeed, thanks to the tax policy in Taiwan, MediaTek's compensation is considered the best in Taiwan. However, I don't think good compensation is the ONLY criteria for a good job. Of course, money is important, but it's more important to consider the money which you get and the money which you will get at the same time. I think it's better to judge a people's value by what he is going to be paid in his next job than what he is paid in his current job. When you are fired by your boss and want to find a new job, you cannot just put the number of your previous compensation on your resume and convince your future boss that you are worth that much. You have to prove it by what you have learned and what you have done in your previous jobs. These are more important than just good compensation.

For myself, I found my current job hardly add any eye-catching acheivements to my resume. I need to do something to differentiate myself from fellow engineers. In a competitive job market, the secret to succeed is not only do your job right, but also choose the right job to do.

Many people think that I quit a high compensation job is unrealistic, but most of time, I found myself very reasonable.

to summarize:
1. This article will become like Code Horror style
2. I am glad to leave