Sep 3, 2009

Summary of MediaTek Inc.

What my boss said today
1. Our product is good, because we are successful on the market, and our performance compared to competitors are good

2. We don't do unit test and code review unless we feel painful because of them

3. Unit test scale(on a module or multiple module or a function?)

4. Tools can have its innovation, not just support

The people in MediaTek thinks they can work here because they are superior than others. They think their job is the best in the world. One day, a colleague said to me that "If you leave this company, you will never get a better job. At that time, you have to beg to return."

I hardly agree with what he said. Indeed, thanks to the tax policy in Taiwan, MediaTek's compensation is considered the best in Taiwan. However, I don't think good compensation is the ONLY criteria for a good job. Of course, money is important, but it's more important to consider the money which you get and the money which you will get at the same time. I think it's better to judge a people's value by what he is going to be paid in his next job than what he is paid in his current job. When you are fired by your boss and want to find a new job, you cannot just put the number of your previous compensation on your resume and convince your future boss that you are worth that much. You have to prove it by what you have learned and what you have done in your previous jobs. These are more important than just good compensation.

For myself, I found my current job hardly add any eye-catching acheivements to my resume. I need to do something to differentiate myself from fellow engineers. In a competitive job market, the secret to succeed is not only do your job right, but also choose the right job to do.

Many people think that I quit a high compensation job is unrealistic, but most of time, I found myself very reasonable.

to summarize:
1. This article will become like Code Horror style
2. I am glad to leave