Dec 10, 2011

Open source software for Windows Mobile

Just played around my phone, and saw a list of "software disclaimer", that includes:

  1. Boost
  2. FreeImage
  3. Lua
  4. Luabind
  5. OpenGL
  6. STLPort 5.0
  7. RapidXML
  8. SWIG
  9. BString
It seems that open source softwares are something that all developers should know. Especially non-GPL ones

Nov 17, 2011

My Google Chrome extensions

Here is the list of my Chrome extensions:

1. Google Mail Checker
2. Google Dictionary
3. Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension
4. Evernote : Google Notebook is the best online notebook, but Google has stopped to its support. Evernote is an acceptable replacement, but not as easy-to-use as Google Notebook. Evernote is my temporary solution for now.

Goodbye Firefox!!!

Firefox was a good browser. However, the newer versions of Firefox have very poor compatibility with existing extensions. I am tired of finding new extensions for every new update. New technologies should help us finish our tasks efficiently, instead of giving us more tasks to do.

My #1 candidate for browser is Google Chrome. It is fast, stable and has the replacements for all of  my current Firefox extensions. Good job Google!

Jul 11, 2011

A Sleep function for VIM

I need to let VIM wait for cscope.exe to rebuild the tag file, but there are no build-in sleep function for VIM, so I made one here:

"a sleep function which allows vim to wait for the other processes to finish
com! -complete=command -nargs=+ Sleep call s:Sleep(<q-args>)
fun! s:Sleep(millisec)
  let ct = localtime()
  let dt = 0
  while dt < (a:millisec/1000)
    let dt = localtime() - ct

Just put it into your _vimrc.
To invoke it, type ":Sleep 10000" to let VIM wait for 10 secs.

Apr 1, 2011

igoogle gadget malfunction

After my firefox is upgraded to 3.6.16, the igoogle compound gadget suddenly disappears, and all of my gadget spreads all over my igoogle homepage. I tried to add it back, but the system says "The Compound gadget is no longer supported and the individual gadgets that it contained have been added to your iGoogle page."

Solution: delete all cookies in my firefox.