Feb 15, 2010

The plugin list of VIM

It's time to organize my VIM plugins

My VIM Plugin Lists

  1. SnipMate – provide TextMate like snippet. Use neocomplcache instead
  2. SuperTab – use tab to complete words or sentence  Use neocomplcache instead    Can be configured to use tab key to trigger the snippet and word complete at the same time. Very cool~~~
  3. FuzzyFinder – find files and functions in an instant 
  4. L9 – required for new version of FuzzyFinder
  5. EnhancedCommentify– comment and uncomment a piece of codes with single keystroke
  6. DoxygenToolkit – generate function comment
  7. a.vim – switch between .cpp and .h files
  8. visual_studio.vim – compile VS files in VIM Not compatible with VS2010, 
  9. omnicppcomplete – complete c++ files Use neocomplcache instead
  10. surround.vim – make hello_world to "hello_world" with few key strokes
  11. repeat.vim – make "surround" operation repeatable(with ".")
  12. vim-latex – latex syntax support
  13. matlab_run.vim – run matlab script in vim
  14. matlab plugin for vim – provide syntax highlighting and indention of matlab
  15. tlib – provides utilities for viki Use AsciiDoc instead
  16. viki – support viki ( a kind of wiki language ) Use AsciiDoc instead
  17. neocomplcache – it has been actively developed during recent months. It's mature enough.   It's interesting to see the author reply every blog which has questions about this plugin. It seems that the author really cares about his work.
  18. neocomplcache-snippets-complete – since neocomplcache V7, the snippets have been separated from neocomplcache. You need to download it individually. 
  19. delimitMate – parenthesis completion, very handy
  20. cscope_map – provide keyboard mapping for cscope

Required Software:

  1. Deplate – convert viki to html
  2. Python 2.4.4 – required by Visual_Studio.vim
  3. Ruby 1.86 – required by Deplate
  4. ctags – required for omni-complete 
  5. cscope 15.7 – a better ctags for python. The zip file contains windows binary.
  6. Python for Windows Extension – required by Visual_Studio.vim

Abandoned plugins:

  1. taglist – use FuzzyFinder instead
  2. project – use FuzzyFinder instead
  3. RltvNmbr – too slow included in VIM 7.3
  4. snippetsEmu – too old, use SnipMate instead
  5. neocomplcache – too new. It is a combination of omnicppcomplete, SnipMate, AutoComplPop and SuperTab. It doesn't not work properly if you set the same trigger key to complete and snippet. However, it supports nested snippet and longest common string complete. Very promising.

Plugins needs modified:

  1. visual_studio.vim
    1. needs to update error message format for visual studio 2008 to work (I set it to set errorformat= %#%f(%l) : %#%t%[A-z]%# %m )
    2. needs to change key binding to avoid conflicts with viki.vim ( I changed them from vc to ic)
  2. SnipMate.vim
    1. needs to update snippets (of course) 
*Update 2010/12/11 for Vim 7.3
*Update 2011/03/10 for delimitMate  
*Update 2011/07/11 for cscope 
*Update 2012/04/24 for neocomplcache 


Alex said...

Nice list.

And big thanks for pointing out to neocomplcache.

Don't like FuzzyFinder - seems to complex for me, but it's a matter of taste. And choosing right key mappings. :-)

I've found Command-T vim plugin which does one thing (searching for files), but does it pretty good. Highly recommend watching its demo screencasts - amazing.

And one more thing - have you tried Nerd_commenter? Pretty good, too, imho.

Alex said...

P.S. comments

gq said...

I'm really excited When I found this list. I also use Vim and similar plugins. I found the plugins in your list more or less better than what I currently used. Thank you

Lono said...

No problem!