Dec 8, 2009

The true meaning of "Organizational Change"

In M, there will be at least one "Organizational Change" for each year.

When I was young, I thought a programmer is cool because they are very professional and can produce many cool stuff (like computer games). Therefore, I chose computer science as my major at university. I hoped I could become as professional as them and produce many cool stuff as they do. After several year, I left school and joined Mediatek to start my career as a programmer.

Then I disappointed.

The reason why I disappointed is not due to the fact that what I did in the company is a completely useless junk. The true reason is that nobody in this company cares what they did are completely junk or not. All they care are nothing but power and money. The politics, as a result, is the most influential factor to what they care. That's why people care about politics. They like to talk who is going to be promoted and who is going to be f**ked. They share political information and form a small political group to fight against each other. One who spends most time on politics gets promotion while the hardest worker gets fired. The company rewards who conslidate their power and punishes who improve the quality of products.

Somebody called it "a process to become mature". One must know the differences between idealization and reality. One must understand the human society is very competitive and cruel. The mature people should know the rules of the society and the necessary political skills to get what they want. The mature people should adapt themselves to the society and stop complaining about it.

I disagree.

We shall not adapt. We must understand that we are still in the stone age of software industry. There are currently no effective tools to estimate the contribution of a programmer. There are also no ways to estimate who is capable to become the leader of a software team. It's very likely to choose a incapable leader. The incapable leader, as a result, is going to fire the most productive worker in his team due to the lack of software managerial skill. He will also hire many incapable workers because these incapable workers are the most similiar to the best employee in the world--himself. Several years later, the company will be full of incapable workers. Since they are incapable, they don't do any software product nor do them improve it. So what do they do in the company? One possible answer is, unsurprisingly, "Organizational Change". Period.