Nov 10, 2009

Evaluate Mr. O's abilities

Today, one of my colleague--Mr. O asked me to evaluate himself. The reason is that I will tell the truth since I am quitting my job. However, the truth is that I always tell the truth no matter I am quitting or not.

Let's see Mr. O's ability scores:
Social Skill:
One of the most remarkable skills of Mr. O. He knows how to joke with his boss and make his boss happy -- a very rare skill. He also knows how to maintain good relationship with his fellow engineers. Most important of all, he doesn't bully young engineers. He'll share knowledge and joyful work with them. Very remarkable.

Programming Skill:

Sexual appearance:
He is a handsome boy. Not only girls but also some guys are willing to sleep with him.
Nevertheless, he is not as handsome as myself, so he gets a score of 4.

Working Attitude:
He is one of the laziest workers in my team. He keeps chating with his friends on MSN  during working hours. He surfs the blogs and does little of this and little of that. I am always wondering what he is doing in the office.
His working attitude deserves the lowest score--1. If I were his boss, I would fire him.

Geek Level:
Honestly, he is not a geek. He is not ACG fans, not start wars fans, and know how to date beautiful girls. However, his passion to programming and vim raises his score to 3 -- a half geek.