Oct 13, 2009

The Greatest Nobody

As a nobody, I have a special interest in studying other nobody's life stories. Through their stories, I can learn more about the humanity, the society, and the possible endings of a nobody. I am always wondering, what a nobody can do in his/her negligible and pitiful life.

The definition of a nobody is simple:
1. His parents are not rich.
2. His look is not good.  (i.e. no handsome boys)
3. He is not smart.
4. He is located at the bottom of a social hierachy.

The first nobody comes into my mind is Michael Faraday.
His father was a blacksmith. His brother was a blacksmith. So what could he do?

The second nobody is Marie Curi.
Her family lost every property in a historical event. Her country was occupied by Russia. She hardly kept her life going in a nothing-left research facility.

The thrid nobody is Nikola Tesla.
He was too poor to pay tuition fees of the university. As a serbe, surely did he locate in the bottom of the society. In fact, serbes in 19th is equal to slaves. 

The last one is Albert Einstein.
Everyone around him thought he was a nobody. Indeed, he was a nobody. As a PhD, he could not get any teaching positions in universities. Finally, he got a work in a patent office, which is a significant failure in his career.

As a noboby, I feel I am more fortunate than the above nobodies.
My family has some properties. My career is more successful. My country is still alive.
Nevertheless, these nobodies are the greatest in human history. They made significant contribution to the human society despite the fact that the society had abandoned them before.

Could I do the same?