Feb 26, 2008

My ToroiseSVN settings

The ignored file types in config.txt

global-ignores = global-ignores = *.o *.obj *.sbr *.ilk *.pch *.lo *.la #*# .*.rej *.rej .*~ *~ .# *.DS_Store Debug Release *.exp *.res *.pdb *.idb

Feb 22, 2008

Registry Settings for Windows Service


The type of "Start" is "REG_DWORD"

The value as follows(copied from MSDN):
Indicates a driver started by the operating system loader.

This value must be used for drivers of devices required for loading the operating system.
Indicates a driver started during operating system initialization.

This value should be used by PnP drivers that do device detection during initialization but are not required to load the system.

For example, a PnP driver that also can detect a legacy device should specify this value in its INF so that its DriverEntry routine will be called to find the legacy device, even if that device cannot be enumerated by the PnP manager.
Indicates a driver started by the service control manager during system startup.

This value should never be used in the INF files for WDM or PnP device drivers.
Indicates a driver started on demand, either by the PnP manager when the corresponding device is enumerated or possibly by the service control manager in response to an explicit user demand for a non-PnP device.

This value should be used in the INF files for all WDM drivers of devices that are not required to load the system and for all PnP device drivers that are neither required to load the system nor engaged in device detection.
Indicates a driver that cannot be started.

This value can be used to temporarily disable the driver services for a device, but a device/driver cannot be installed if this value is specified in the service-install section of its INF file.

Feb 20, 2008

My Vista Desktop Setting

TODO: pics here
1.Rocket Dock
2.?? on Devianart
4.Optional icons of Rocket Dock
5.Wallpapers from \System\Desktop Pictures

Feb 17, 2008

How to start USB Device Framework(CV) manually?

Find usbhct.exe in your WDK(Windows Driver Kit)
Type: usbhct.exe -g -d 0E8D/0004 -l "log"
0E8D/0004 is your Vendor ID / Product ID
"log" is the name of your log file. Beware of that it's required to supply a log file name.

Feb 13, 2008

TODO: Teddy usb


Feb 6, 2008

Windows XP Leopard Glass Edition

Windows XP Leopard Glass Edition is a very strange OS. Does anyone know it is Leopard or XP?


Feb 5, 2008

Memory leak in usbser.sys

Affected OS: Windows XP, SP1, SP2 and Vista
usbser.sys fails to release 4 bytes memory when PnPDTest -> Rebalance is performed. Microsoft already knows this and does not want to fix this. If you experience this problem, contact MS CSS support, and they won't charge you.

There are many undocumented errata which cannot be filtered by the errata filter. All errata that are involved BSOD will not be documented!!! Beware, I have warned you. Don't trust errata filter and MS CSS always needs YOUR SUPPORTS.

P.S. I have special processed my blog so those hackers cannot see my blog.

Feb 3, 2008

How to turn on ( turn off) automatic logon in Windows XP

The DTM Test is quite annoying that after you uninstalled the test, the XP still login as DTMLLUAdminUser automatically!!
Here I show you how to turn off the annoying DTMLLUAdminUser logon!!!


2.change "AutoAdminLogon" from 1 to 0

How to cancel DTM test mode in Vista
3.Start--->All Programs--->Accessories--->Right Hit "Command Prompt"--->Run as administrator Enter "Bcdedit -set testsigning OFF"

How to have a Chinese tiny xp ( multi language version)

Tiny XP is a very small XP. It requires only 80MB RAM to run(somebody claims that it needs merely 55MB) and costs you 600MB disk space. It's useful if you need a small windows XP system. Somebody install it on USB thumb device to get a recovery disk. Others install it on small device like eeepc or virtual machine( VMWARE or parallel desktop).

Since my Mac needs a windows system to get full-functional MSN, I have to get a XP for my Mac. Tiny XP is a suitable choice. However, to get it work on other languages like Mandarin Chinese is a pain!!!

How to make Chinese Input work on Tiny XP?

The answer is here:
( these steps are also valid if you need to install other language supports to Tiny XP)

1.Get a Tiny XP first: try google. I got Tiny XP Rev 06, if you got newer version, please let me know :)

2.Get a English Windows XP SP2 installation disk: Get it from local stores. There is a legal way to do this, so I wont tell you to download it from Internet. You need this to get a Chinese Input.

3.Get a working Chinese Windows XP system.

4.Copy intl.inf from %systemroot%\inf\ of your Chinese Windows XP system to the same directory of Tiny XP. Don't forget backup!

5.Insert your English Windows XP disk.

6.Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings -> Eastern Language Support.

7.During the installation of Eastern Language, you will be asked about some missing files. Get the files from D:\I386, D:\I386\Lang, and D:\I386\Driver.cab. 'D' is the drive letter of your English XP disk.

8.Copy fonts from %systemroot%\fonts to the same directory of Tiny XP.


10.Now you can install your Chinese Input programs.

There are other choices like ltm or deepin, but they are simplified Chinese OS and they are not as tiny as tiny XP. Therefore, I think Tiny XP is still the best choice for small system.